The legend of Tristan and Isolde is one of the most beautiful love epics ever conceived. Richard Wagner, in a famous opera, had already tarnished its purity. The modern transposition of the legend takes place in Brazil and a village of poor fishermen in Guanabara Bay, surrounded by mountains, not far from Rio de Janeiro.Two young cousins: Marcos and Jeronimo meet and agree to make successful fishing arrastao is a great fishing net and to resist the ugly owner of the corner that makes the law and prices. This owner has a niece: Emaïsa who loves Marcos and who is loved.

Directed by: Antoine d'Ormesson

Starring: Duda Cavalcanti,Pierre Barouh,Cecil Thire

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Production Year: 1966
  • Studio: Hollywood Classics
  • Country: France
  • Format: Colour, HD
  • Duration: 105 Min
  • Also Known As: Les amants de la mer
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